Thursday, August 1, 2013

Never a Girl Scout

I was never a Girl Scout.  For some reason, that random thought ran through my mind this morning. Where I was from, I don't think that was even an option.  It makes me smile now, but as a little girl I was somehow led to believe that being a Girl Scout was close to taking a walk on the wild side of life!  Isn't that funny?  So I never had the uniform, or the badges, or the experience of selling Girl Scout cookies, (In retrospect, this was a good thing.  I could eat my weight in Thin Mints!!) 

What I WAS a member of was the J.O.Y club.  It stood for Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last.  We met once a month and learned different things like sewing and baking.  We had an overnight in the Spring and held a Mother/Daughter banquet every May.  I still remember when Susie Brunner and I got to be the special music for the banquet. We sang Sweet Hour of Prayer as a duet and I made my debut as an alto!  

Great childhood memories...funny how they come through our minds when we least expect them...but  this morning those memories of long ago brought a smile to my face and to my heart.  It helped me call to mind names that I had long forgotten...Mrs. Bosscher and her Bible studies, Mrs. Molewyk and her patience as she taught us how to sew an apron, and even Mrs Holtvluwer's fun laugh (and how upset she was when she found out what we girls were discussing on our overnight retreat!!) Women who gave of themselves to teach me what it means to love God.  I don't see those women anymore, but today I thanked God for my godly heritage, for the impact that they had on my young life, and for bringing such fun memories to mind.  No, I never was a Girl Scout, but I don't think my childhood lacked much because of that fact.  Except right now I am really craving some Thin Mints! 

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