Friday, April 3, 2015


I have been using some devotions written by Rick Renner as I walked my way through this Passion Week.If you are on FaceBook, you might want to look at or like his page. He helps me a lot with my Greek. Learning the meanings of Greek nouns and verbs used in the New Testament often adds an added layer of depth to familiar verses.

The Greek word That Rick taught me today is "enishuo". It is a verb used in Luke 22:43. The verb means "to make strong". As Jesus agonized over His imminent crucifixion, he fervently wrestled with His self-will. He knew the horrible events that would soon unfold, and He struggled. He asked His Father to remove "this cup". Can't you almost hear Jesus plead, "Abba! Father! Daddy! Please, can't there be another way?" 

At that very moment, God sent His son an angel. We have no idea what the angel said to Jesus. All we know is that the angel was sent to "enischuo" - to strengthen. God sent His son an angel so that Jesus would neither feel alone nor be alone. This angel brought Jesus strength to endure what was probably the most difficult struggle He ever went through.

I encourage you to read through the events of Luke 23. Try to feel the human emotions Jesus felt.
I am amazed that He remains fully submitted to the will of His Father. I am ashamed that He had to endure this because of my sins. 

Have you ever come to a place in your life where you were all alone in the midst of an overwhelming trial? Did you wrestle in prayer before God? Did God make His presence known? Did He, perhaps, send you an angel?

Tomorrow I will share my "angel story".

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